While we've preserved the original charm of this historic, landmark property, we've evolved and upgraded in line with our passion for delivering a Boldly Different resort experience.

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In late 2010, Viamede Resort was purchased by current Owner and General Manager, Ben Samänn. With a Swiss education in Hotel Management and a family background in the hotel and restaurant industry, Ben was keen to return Viamede Resort to its former glory as the finest resort destination in the Kawarthas.

To that end, many grand changes, renovations, and upgrades have taken place throughout the resort. Systems and services have been vastly improved with a top-tier management team focusing on Boldly different guest experiences.



Since 1885, travellers have made their way to Viamede Resort to experience the finest of the Kawarthas: beautiful Stoney Lake. Sitting on 165 acres of pristine Canadian wilderness and offering 2,000 feet of shoreline, Viamede draws from its incredible setting to provide guests with a unique and special resort experience.

Like many Canadian landmarks, Viamede Resort has a story. The original building is said to have been built in 1885, although the origins are murky, with surveys from 1873 showing a smaller building marked ‘hotel’. In 1907, this building burned down, and the ‘new’ Viamede Resort was built in its place, featuring modern amenities and comforts like electric light and running water.

Today, you’ll find the architecture and character of the original resort, with the exciting and distinctive new buildings, features, and amenities that make Viamede a resort unlike any other.

Mount Julian


The history of Mount Julian—now Viamede Resort’s famed culinary destination—is better documented. The complex was built between 1865 and 1875, although buildings have been added and demolished over the years. The two main buildings, Mount Julian itself and the manager’s residence, have remained largely unchanged, featuring most of their original detail and charm.

Now, the Inn at Mount Julian is home to our fine dining restaurant and lounge, where Chef Kevin McKenna‘s gourmet, locally sourced, foraged, and raised creations are shared with our guests. We’ve maintained the building’s original style and have made it a foodie mecca, offering exciting new ways to experience the Kawarthas without leaving the dinner table.