Toaster 2000 tells all



BARK! WOOF! bouncebouncebounce WOOF!

That’s Golden for “I love Viamede!”. My name is Toby and I’m Viamede Resort’s official super-dog. I’m often referred to as Toaster, which is some silly comparison about circuits in a toaster… but since it reminds me of toast, which is delicious, I don’t mind.

I arrived at Viamede only about a year ago, last winter, but I love it here. Before that, I was at a home where I didn’t get much attention. But then Golden Rescue came in, and I’ve been catching up since!

I’m a 7 year old pup, full of beans (and whatever I can stuff into my mouth around here) and I love people. My Human, Ben, brings me to the resort most days, where I hang out at the front desk, getting into trouble. Sometimes, guests take me for a walk on the trails, where I get into trouble. Usually mud, but then, I do love mud. It’s my favourite thing! The humans don’t agree, so they take me to the lake and I get to swim – see how this works?

And I do love to swim! It’s my favourite thing! I go swimming before the ice melts off the lake, and all the way until it’s back on. I can swim for a long time, especially if I don’t see my ball anymore. I’ll swim until I find it, or until someone tricks me back to shore, but I like to make that as hard for the humans as possible.

Sometimes, I meet other dogs around the resort. They’re not my favourite thing, but I’m getting better at tolerating them. Mostly, they’re a bit scary to me and I don’t know why.

I much prefer kids, especially if they pet me. Kids are awesome, and they move in packs, like dogs. So when a pack of kids runs at me, I know it means lots of attention, and I do love attention! It’s my favourite thing!

But at the end of a long day at work, I like to go home and relax with Ben. I sleep on the couch, or pull the blankets off his bed and chew holes in them (He loves that! It’s his favourite thing!).

Life’s pretty good as a resort dog, I tell ya!

Woof Arf Bark (see you soon!)