The Importance of Communication

This morning, I chatted with a guest. They wanted to let me know how thrilled they were with their stay – the friendly staff, the activities and Toby, the resort dog. As I gave them a tour of the new pool under construction, they told me how impressed they are with the changes since last time they were here, 4 years ago (shortly after I had taken over). They have even already rebooked for another visit in summer 2016.

These happy guests then told me that they had written a list of minor issues, and were torn about whether they should give it to me. I think my “YES PLEASE!” reaction surprised them quite a bit.

On the list were some things we know about – the cottage they stayed in was built 50 years ago, and bringing it to modern standards can be tough. A list like this helps flag things that guests are noticing. As we start to plan the complete renovation of our cottages, this information is very important.

Other things, however, we have almost no way of knowing. The microwave is apparently noisy, and since the housekeeping staff doesn’t make popcorn while they’re in the room, they have no way to know this. Now that we know, it’s an easy fix. The neighbours were apparently noisy at 3:00 am, but they didn’t think to call us.

We do our best to maintain the resort in pristine condition, but we really do need help from our guests. Comments are always welcome.



Ben Samänn

General Manager