Mount Julian Forest-to-Table menu

The new Mount Julian menu is out! These delicious dishes are waiting for you when you try the 5, 7 or 9 course tasting menu between August 20-27:



Fowl Spruce Broth

Smoked Hen, Rillette, Roast Buckhorn Corn, Flower

Durham Co. Lamb

1hr Egg, Rye Earth, Tarragon, Garlic Scape, Smoked Chili

Lake Erie White Perch

Buffalo Bresaola, Currant Tomatoes, Celery Leaves, Birch Aioli


Casteana Farms Romano Bean, Shisito Pepper, Lemon Cucumber, Cold Pressed Soya Oil

Greenly Ducks

Wild Ginger Breast, Jarrods Greens, Confit Leg, Grated Carrot, Elderberry Jus

Wild Blueberry Venison

House Bacon, Baby New Potato, Candy Beet, Garden Rocket, Church-Key Holy Smoke Jus

Indian Runner Citrus Pudding

McLeans Berry Sorbet, Fruit Crumb, Orange Pollen

Ashely Goat

(Alberts Leap, Vaughn ON. Goat Milk, Ash Rind, semi-soft)

Filbert Brittle, Buckhorn Wild Flower Honey, Crisp

Pepper Chocolate and Stone

Tempura Yellow Plum, Herb Guys Honey Peach, Caramelized White Chocolate