A little piece of history: The Victory Flag



With any building that has been around for more than a century, you’re bound to find a few historic treasures. Viamede Resort has collected its fair share of interesting items over the years. Take for example, the Victory Loan Flag.

During the First and Second World Wars, the Government of Canada instituted the Victory Bonds program. This program encouraged citizens and businesses to purchase bonds, and the money collected was used to help fund the country’s war efforts. Patriotic Canadians across the country loaned their hard-earned money to support the cause.

When a city or region met a Victory Bonds sales target, they were awarded a Victory Bonds Flag. This was a very prestigious award and the entire community took great pride in being presented with the flag.

In 2011, after Ben (our General Manager) purchased the resort, he discovered this precious flag in a box in the basement of the Mount Julian restaurant. As it looked like a lovely antique artifact, it was hung boldly from the ceiling of the lobby. There were some rumours that it might have been a fishing trophy from years past.

Soon enough, Ben received a letter from a woman who had attended a group event at the resort and noticed the flag. As her father was a salesman for Victory Bonds during the Second World War, she was well versed on the story of the Victory Flags. She explained our flag’s prestigious history and even identified that our flag was from the 4th bonds campaign during World War Two.

The flag is still holding its grand place in the lobby at Viamede Resort, and we can now proudly tell the story! However, we still don’t know how it ended up in a box in the basement!