There’s a new girl in town! On November 2, the staff at Viamede Resort welcomed Daisy, Toby’s new sidekick and the resort’s newest furry guest experiences team member.

Daisy was Golden Rescue’s 2221st rescue dog. She is 7 years old, from the Toronto area and very outgoing. As a pedigreed Golden Retriever who loves wearing a fancy pink bandana, she’s a true uptown girl. Toby, our downtown boy, is not quite sure what to think about her!

Daisy is your typical active Golden Retriever, in that she can find opportunities for mischief around every corner. The day isn’t done before she’s had a chance to swipe an apple from an employee’s lunch, escaped from the office to inspect the pool construction, and chew-tested the durability of Ben’s new coffee table!

Our two fur babies are getting along quite well, although Toby wonders why Daisy is always so playful when he wants to nap. Don’t worry Toby, I’m sure she’ll learn the cottage country ropes soon enough.