Restaurants in the News

Recently, there has been considerable controversy about a restaurant in Toronto in hot water over mislabelling ingredients – fresh squeezed orange juice from a big brand bottle, organic granola from a box of Quaker Oats, and similar.

This is sad, and unfortunately, will have repercussions for restaurants that really do try to serve the best ingredients. Many guests will need to spend more time researching the restaurant and it’s philosophy, and in many cases, reputable chefs will need to spend more time proving where they buy their food. This is harmful to the industry, and comes as a shock to many.

What this means for Viamede, really, isn’t much. For years now, Chef Kevin McKenna has been working with guests to show them where our food comes from – tours of farmer’s markets, where he buys the vegetables right in front of guests, or contacts at his farms where our beef, duck, and other meats come from. In many cases, you can even come a few months early and meet your bacon – our farm provides us with heritage breed turkeys for thanksgiving, pigs for sausages and roasts, duck eggs, and quail, along with vegetables and herbs.

In the summer, we go even further – no ingredient could be more local than freshly foraged ingredients from our 150 acre property, and we’re happy to share the knowledge. Not only can we prove where it came from, but we can show you how to get your own.

So bring it, skeptical foodies. Come inspect our ingredients. Demand to meet the chef, the pigs, and the sommelier, and threaten us until we hand over the recipes. Twist our locally sourced rubber arms.