The Trees Are Tapped

tree tapping

The sap is running here at Viamede and that means spring is just around the corner.  Today our On-site Farmer Jarrod and Chef Kevin McKenna started our annual maple syrup production by heading out and tapping our trees.  From the early signs, it looks like we will have a fantastic season.

The syrup we produce here at Viamede is used throughout the year in Chef McKenna’s local forest inspired menus as well as with recreation programming for our guests.  This March Break we will be running activities for the coming two Saturdays where guests can learn all about the process and boil down last year’s syrup to roll out maple toffee on ice and sample.

This year we’ve doubled our production with a total of 28 trees tapped.  26 Sugar Maples and 2 White Birch, which produces a savoury mineral rich caramel flavoured syrup.  Next year we are looking forward to tapping some of our Black Walnuts and expanding our syrup selection.

The sap will flow for about 4-6 weeks, during which time we will collect each tree’s tap buckets on a regular basis and empty into 30 gallon food grade barrels which are stored until we are ready to begin the filtration and boiling down process.  A healthy tree can provide between 40 to 300L of sap and the syrup to sap ratio is 40:1 for Sugar Maple and 70:1 for Birch.

We look forward to sharing this very Canadian experience and teaching you more about the process, our respect for the land and how we do things here at Viamede.  Another reason we are boldly different!