The Leeks are coming!

By Chef Kevin

The unmistakable smell of Spring! A sign that Mother Nature is ready to wake up from her winter slumber. The first of the season’s Wild Leeks are here. This morning my Pastry Chef Dylan Smith and I went for a quick hike around beautiful Stony Lake near Viamede Resort in search of the illustrious wild green. It also happens to be my favourite ingredient by far of any item I may bring into our Kitchen and I put it on everything. It’s pure excitement when they finally arrive and I am like a little kid in a candy store. Mother Nature being the store and Wild leeks, morel mushrooms, cattail hearts, fiddleheads, wild ginger and any other Ontario wild edible being the candy.

I picked them about 10:30am this morning Friday, April 15, and I have immediately made changes to our Mount Julian Tasting Menu this week to include them on 7 of our 9 items . I’m sure Dylan will find a way to incorporate them in a such a way that it will be a delicious part of all 9 courses by the end of day. leeks