Garden Time!

Spring has sprung its wings, and summer is almost here. The wild leeks are gone for another year, unless you have pickled them and made pesto to go into your Boathouse coleslaw to be enjoyed all year. Spruce tips are preserved, cattail hearts jarred, garlic mustard frozen and now (better late than never) planting.

Earlier this week Jarrod Craig, our groundskeeper, and myself had a meeting with the Resort General Manager Ben Samann regarding putting in a new 70ft garden to expand our beautiful vegetables. Jarrod carefully sourced the best soil to host our vegetables such as globe carrots, rainbow Swiss chard, hakurei turnips, and a wide variety of radishes for my team and I to use later this summer. I am as excited as a little kid in a candy store. I will push the limits of what Jarrod can plant for me to share with our guests in any of our 3 restaurants on site.