The Dangers of Food Tasting

by Ben Samann, General Manager

image1I have an annoying, but useful, habit – whenever I pass through the kitchen, I take samples of anything in front of me. Half a spoonful of butter (in Chef Jay’s words, “with good butter, bread is just a courtesy to the other guests at the table”), a piece of carrot, a slice of fresh fruit, and just about anything else is fair game to steal right from under the Chef’s knife.

That’s a dangerous game, but I’m willing to take that risk for delicious foods.

Today, my habit backfired on me. On a tray, fresh from the oven, lay tasty looking croutons/soup crackers. No one was around, so I took one. It wasn’t very good. Dry, powdery…. I made a mental note to mention it to Chef Jay.

A while later, one of the other kitchen staff approached me with a jar of the same croutons.

“We’ve been experimenting with dog treat recipes. Do you want to take some home for Toby and Daisy?”


Ah, kitchen humour.