Preview to the Weekend – Forage Better or Worse


Preview to the Weekend – Forage Better or Worse

By Ben Samann

On Thursday, I have an exciting afternoon planned – taking our kitchen apprentice Jenny into the woods to eat whatever we find. Some, we find and use often, from wild leeks to cattails. Others we use more sparingly, like garlic mustard. And some we never use, because…. well, in theory it’s edible, but if it’s all you have to survive on, consider starving. Seriously. Lookin’ at you, lamb’s ear.

Regardless, it will be a great time to make Jenny decide what she likes on her own.

This means that Chef Jay will have an interesting chore –  everything we forage will end up on the menu. (In order to get him to agree to this, I had to promise no lamb’s ear.) So this weekend, Forage Better or Worse, there’s gonna be a lot of this on the menu.

Watch our Instagram for updates on Thursday on what Chef Jay gets to work with.