Calvinisms to get us through

Summer is upon us!

….well, “summer.”

Despite doom and gloom forecasts by foreboding dogs named “Storm“, Viamede is getting all the sun it needs.

Plenty of guests are getting out in the boats, 1and most aren’t getting soaked. And let’s be honest, it has its upsides.2

Character-building aside, we’re having one of the least buggy summers in years.3

Right now, we have a few avid fisher-kids here, and they’re having a great time. I have never seen so many sunfish caught off our dock, and some kids have even stopped using worms. Except sometimes – as John said, “suddenly the small ones stopped biting.”


 It comes down to packing –


bring the sunscreen and bug spray, but also the raincoats, quick-dry underwear, and lightning-proof iPhones.

Ultimately, everyone’s having fun – when the sun comes out, the beach fills up, the water trampoline gets used (even by a surprisingly athletic fawn), and we have a line-up of kids to go tubing. We’re building memories5

and friendships.


No matter what the weather, the kids are having fun.

As the sun sets on another glorious day on Stoney Lake, we’re all thinking the same thing.