Weddings at Viamede

Weddings are such a special event, but require a lot of decisions as well! Choosing a wedding venue is a big one, because it plays a key role in your theme, look, and feel. For couples looking for a unique setting, we’re highlighting why Viamede Resort could be a contender as the setting for your dream wedding.


Viamede is the perfect venue to host up to 80 people comfortably. Rustic, waterfront, cozy, welcoming; this is a place where you and your guests can relax and focus on enjoying the big day.


Our team will work with you to plan the wedding you want. Whether you want an outdoor wedding by the lake, an indoor wedding in our historic chapel, certain table configurations, seating, food concerns… you name it, we’re here to help. We’ve had live bands, Spotify playlists, and DJs, tuxedos with flip flops, Hawaiian themed weddings, and everything in between. Your unique vision will shine on your special day.

Straightforward & Transparent

When we quote a price, that’s the price. No hidden fees, no surprises, no weird add-ons. We are very transparent about what is and isn’t included (more details on what’s included here). We don’t upcharge for little things like wanting to borrow a projector or setting up chairs.


We only host one wedding per weekend, so you don’t need to worry about being kicked out early because another wedding party is coming in. This means you’ll get our full attention to work with your preferences.


Want to chat or take a tour of the resort? Shoot us an email at (don’t worry, no high pressure sales-y pitches here – we hate those too). For more information about weddings at Viamede, click here.

The Case for Guest Rooms

Understandably, our cottages get snapped up pretty quickly during the summer months. We get it – the private deck, having a small kitchenette for cooking, putting the kids in the second bedroom so you have some time to yourself. Today, we’re going to make a case for why a guest room may surprise you.

1. Waterfront views

It may seem like the cottages get you the best views, but many of our rooms and suites have private balconies overlooking Stoney Lake. If you’re on the second floor of the main building, you get a really nice look out over the pool, docks, and wide vantage of the lake to spot loons.

2. You can still BBQ

That’s right! For guests who like firing up the grill to make their own BBQ lunch/dinner, The Porch Kitchen has two BBQs, picnic tables, utensils/dishes… pretty much everything you need to put together a delicious picnic. If you don’t want to do a grocery run, we also have a BBQ menu so we’ll provide all the fixin’s as well.

3. Breakfast is closer

Our fresh breakfast buffet in 1885 is that much closer when you’re staying in a guest room (as is our all-day coffee and tea station). DIY waffles? Enough said.

4. Stay close together… or far apart!

Whether you want to get adjoining rooms with friends/family or you want something quiet and secluded, our rooms offer a wide variety so that we can best accommodate what you’re looking for on your vacation.

5. No missing out

Essentially, we just want you to know that staying in a guest room doesn’t mean you’re missing out from the full experience. Both our cottages and guest rooms are cozy, comfortable, and get you access to all of our resort amenities and recreation activities.


Hiking Trails in the Kawarthas

The Kawarthas region offers a wide variety of hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty. We’ve put together a list of just some of the local trails that are well worth a drive.

Stony Lake Trails


We have to include this one since part of the 10 kilometre trail network can be accessed from right here at Viamede Resort! Enjoy scenic views of the lake, limestone cliffs, outcrops of Canadian Shield, and abundant opportunities to view wildlife.

Bobcaygeon Wilderness Park


This 8 acre forested property offers over a kilometre of safe, accessible trails winding through mature forest cover.

Robert Johnston EcoForest Trails


There are four trails totaling around six kilometres, passing through a mix of forest of wetlands.

Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail


This is a 4.2 kilometre multi-use recreational trail that extends from Jackson Park in the City of Peterborough to just west of Ackison Road in Selwyn Township.

Eels Creek to High Falls


This is a 5 kilometre hike with the trail head located a short drive from Viamede Resort. There are some marshy areas and creek crossings to traverse, but well worth the effort for scenic lookouts and to see High Falls.

Fleetwood Creek Natural Area


This conservation area west of Millbrook offers 3 trail loops totalling over 8 kilometres and includes an observation platform.