COVID-19 and all that

I’d like to start this whole post/rant/announcement with a simple quote I find myself saying over and over. “Our grandparents were sent to Juno Beach. We’re being sent to the couch.”

Coronavirus, COVID-19, “the ‘rona”, whatever you want to call it, sucks. People are losing their jobs, everyone is cancelling plans, and some businesses will go bankrupt. People will die. More will die if we pretend they won’t. I don’t want to make light of it. But it will pass, and it will pass faster if we all do our part and, pardon my French, #staythefuckhome.

There’s hope on the horizon. There are existing drugs that seem to be helping people and we know are safe, but it will take time to make sure they actually work. Testing is ramping up, people are getting the right habits, and in a few months, this too shall pass. In the meantime, what we can all do is, well, nothing. Stay home. Sleep in. Get day drunk. Play Monopoly (you should finish the first game sometime around July). Weed is legal, so get baked out of your gourd and finally figure out why they’re called fingers if they don’t fing.

Past generations were sent to war to die, or went through pandemics that had no end in sight, with no cure, no government support, and not even basic sanitation. We’re being asked to do nothing. Personally, I’ve been training my whole life for this.

What’s Viamede up to?

Right now, Viamede is closed. We’re kinda planning to reopen for Easter, maybe. We’ll follow guidelines, best practices, and what we think is best. Otherwise we’ll be open in May. Or whenever. But no matter what happens, we’ll be ready.

At this point, we’re hiring normally. Our key staff is still in and out of the building, answering phones and doing spring projects as usual, but with more handwashing. In April, we have our usual crew hired and ready to gear up for a busy summer. We’re committed to our team and our guests that when we get the green light to run for the summer, we’ll be ready.

Even with some restrictions in place, it’s possible to practice social distancing here. We’re a small resort on a lot of acres, so even during our busiest weeks, there’s rarely a crowd. If we’re allowed to be open, even with rules about maximum crowds and distancing, we’ll be open.

It seems that lots of people are looking forward to summer, and we’re encouraging people to “hope for the best, plan for the worst.” Book your stay, and if we can’t be open during that time, we obviously won’t charge you anything.

In the meantime, remember that we’re all in this together. The less we do, the faster we can do more. Help each other out, wash your hands, and keep it all in perspective.

We’ll see you all very soon.