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Welcome to the Back Country

We're excited to be working with The Land Canadian Adventures on a series of back country paddling trips. Experience the comfort of an Ontario resort stay as you pack and plan for 2 nights in the bush, accompanied by the best guides in the business.

Key points

  • On Sunday and Wednesday night, stay in our hotel rooms with hot showers, fresh-brewed coffee, and a real mattress.
  • Spend 3 days in the back woods of the Kawarthas, paddling through unspoiled wilderness, experiencing the ultimate Ontario
  • Foodies rejoice! Not only will you get to experience Viamede's incredible forest to table offerings, but the back country is full of delights like sushi, fire-side bakery including bannock, Three Sisters Stew (a 10 000 year old recipe, although the ingredients are more fresh than that), paired wines, and accommodation for dietary restrictions.

Dates and Experiences

Learning Wilderness Skills (May 24-28)

Whether you are looking to continue your personal education, or this is your first foray into the world of wilderness survival, we want to guide you through some of the basic skills that are necessary for any backcountry adventurer.

  • Develop your understanding of maps and compass navigation
  • Learn expedition prep, including paddling and boat safety skills, and how to pack all the necessary equipment for wilderness survival
  • Water is life! Learn the best and most efficient ways to collect and treat water for safe drinking
  • Learn to tie proper knots and lines as well as how to rig a tarp
  • Discover the world of plant identification and wild edible foraging
  • Learn the art of cooking over an open fire, and how to effectively store food and clean your equipment
  • 5 course tasting menu at Mount Julian and full resort breakfast
  • 2 night stay in one of our cozy guest rooms
  • Access to all resort amenities and activities

Keep On Campin' (June 7-11)

Whether you are venturing into the backcountry for the first time, or seeking to reconnect with your past outdoorsy self, we understand that the concept of adventure changes as the years go by. This excursion is crafted to allow you to experience being immersed in nature with a sense of being cared for by it, as well as by us.

  • Learn and refresh basic canoeing and camp skills
  • Gain knowledge of local flora and fauna
  • Participate in exploring the limits and possibilities of gourmet backcountry cooking - the kitchen may not be where you feel most comfortable, but perhaps an open fire will inspire your inner chef!
  • If you are a fan of wildlife and nature photography, bring your trusty phone or camera on the trail with you and enjoy some designated time to capture the wonders of the Kawartha wildlife
  • Are you the owner of a fishing licence? Bring your gear and we will help you arrange it for tripping so you can relax and unwind while towing a line
  • 5 Course tasting menu at Mount Julian and full resort breakfast
  • 2 night stay in one of our cozy hotel rooms
  • Access to all resort amenities and activities

Camping With Kids (July 5-9 & August 9-13)

This is a fun canoe-camping trip designed to help you create memories with the little ones in your life. Jump in if you're a grandparent sharing your love of nature, a cool aunt or a family with toddlers or school-age young'ens.

  • The focus of this trip is to connect with nature and each other in the Kawartha backcountry, just a two hour drive from Toronto.
  • If you are a caregiver, we aim to give you an idea of what goes into preparing for a family friendly backcountry excursion, including what equipment to pack and how to paddle safely with little ones aboard
  • Help create meals with an emphasis on homegrown, organic and locally-sourced foods
  • Plant identification and wild edible foraging is a fun and interactive way to engage little ones with the natural world
  • Learn basic animal tracking
  • Participate in specially designed games that are fun for the whole family
  • Family meal at the Boathouse and full resort breakfast
  • 2 night stay in one of our cozy guest rooms
  • Access to all resort amenities and activities

Backcountry Bushcraft (Sept 20-24)

Looking to upgrade your survival skills? ​Join The Land team to master the skills you've so often admired, such as primitive firestarting, building backcountry kitchens to cook over open flames, shelter construction, and the tools to survive and thrive in the wilderness.

  • Take your current knowledge and skills of back country wilderness survival to the next level
  • Focus on the elements of wood, fire and steel and learn the fundamental principles of knife and axe work
  • Forage for the necessary raw materials to build your own bowdrill kit, paying attention to species and level of decomposition, always through a lens of respect for the land and leave no trace ethics
  • Guided by our instructors, learn and practice the technique for creating a proper bowdrill coal, and how to generate and maintain a sufficient flame
  • Learn to build an effective shelter using only your tools and natural resources from the forest
  • Create a survival scenario that will enable you to hew out a rugged existence in the bush
  • 5 course tasting menu at Mount Julian and full resort breakfast
  • 2 night stay in one of our cozy hotel rooms
  • Access to all resort amenities and activities

Forest Wellness (Oct 4-8)

Forest bathing, also known as shinrin-yoku, is a guided walk through nature that allows you to build a deeper connection with yourself and the rhythms of the wild world around you. This experience is led by Kristina Domsic of Rooted Heart, a certified Forest Therapy Guide and Yoga instructor, who will be with you every step of the way to create a safe explorative space, inviting you to delve deeper into your senses.

  • Guided nature connection, both on the water and on land
  • Learn about local medicinal plants and how to forage for them yourself to enjoy as part of your experience
  • Forest bathing session led by a certified guide - similar to a hilke but slow and gentle, forest bathing is interspersed with invitations to pause and reflect on your physical and mental experience as well opportunities to share and connect with the group
  • Nature connection sessions typically conclude with the sharing of tea made from local foraged plants and a lite snack
  • Optional outdoor yoga, instructed by Kristina Domsic of Rooted Heart, is offered to folks of all abilities and experience levels as a way to invigorate yourself for the day ahead or wind down and reflect on the day you have had
  • 5 course tasting menu at Mount Julian and full resort breakfast
  • 2 night stay in on of our cozy hotel rooms
  • Access to all resort amenities and activities

Pricing (Assumes $600 per person TLCA cost)

(Should this be a nightly rate or total?)
Season Single room/tent Shared room/tent
May, June, September, October $1435 $1185
July and August (adult) $1530 $1190
July and August (kids under 12) $200
Please let us know if you're a single and are open to sharing rooms. If we find you a suitable partner, we will give both the shared room rate. We offer a group discount of $100 for groups over 4 traveling together and sharing rooms.