Hanging Baskets Plant Care Tips

by Bob the Gardener

Hanging baskets are a beautiful and versatile way to plant mixed blooms. They also make a great gift idea and, once planted, are relatively low maintenance. To keep your plants looking fresh all season, here are some of my care tips for hanging baskets:

Hanging Basket Maintenance
  1. Water often and thoroughly.
  2. Deadhead blooming plants (here is a useful article on deadheading flowers).
  3. In a mixed basket, replace plants as needed.
  4. Fertilize (see below).
  5. Cut back leggy plants.

Second to watering, fertilizer is the most important thing to keep your baskets looking great all season. By constantly feeding, you are ensuring that your plants maintain all the nutrition necessary to grow large and produce blooms. You should find your basket weekly with a water soluble fertilizer. I recommend using a 20-20-20 fertilizer (20% nitrogen, 20% phosphorus, and 20% potassium – the remaining 40% is chemically inert).

Learn more care tips and join Bob on a garden tour, held as part of our spring and summer recreation schedules.


A Day in the Life of a Pig

As anyone who has been to the Viamede Farm knows, our pigs are friendly, inquisitive, and ridiculously playful.  At two months old, they also love being the center of attention.  And so, without further ado, meet Rosa the pig!

rosa-the-pigHi!  Welcome to my farm!

My day starts just before 8 o’clock, when my sisters and I get up to meet Farmer Jarrod.  He comes and visits us every morning to feed us breakfast, which consists of soya, corn, barley, and peas in tasty pellet form.  Even though there is a lot to go around, my sisters and I love trying to fight over the same bucket.  It’s just more fun that way.

After breakfast, there is a lot of fun to be had.  We can play in the swamp, run around in the sand, or go on an adventure in the woods!  When no one is around, we also like to work on our top secret digging mission.  We have started construction on a tunnel under the fence so we can go visit the turkeys, run out to greet our two-legged visitors, and explore the rest of the farm- just don’t tell Farmer Jarrod!  When it’s too hot to play, we love to laze in our trailer or cuddle together in our shelter.

While I do love all of my playtime, the best part of the day is the Farm Tour.  At 3:30, Ben, or one of his friends, brings down a pail of breakfast slops, pellets, and a whole bunch of new people for us to meet.  My sisters and I love waiting at the fence and greeting all of our new friends, but we don’t stay there for long!  We like to gather at the gate and wait for Ben to climb in with our food, and then we follow him around as he pours it into our pails.

Once we’ve eaten our fill, we make our way back to the fence, getting head rubs, and posing for pictures.  If we don’t have any new visitors, we’ll have fun playing tag or follow the leader with whoever brought us food.  It’s the best part of the day.

We are pretty lucky pigs to have so much space, food, love, and attention, and we take advantage of it to the fullest.  Next time you’re at Viamede, make sure you come down to the farm to say hi!