A little piece of history: The Victory Flag



With any building that has been around for more than a century, you’re bound to find a few historic treasures. Viamede Resort has collected its fair share of interesting items over the years. Take for example, the Victory Loan Flag.

During the First and Second World Wars, the Government of Canada instituted the Victory Bonds program. This program encouraged citizens and businesses to purchase bonds, and the money collected was used to help fund the country’s war efforts. Patriotic Canadians across the country loaned their hard-earned money to support the cause.

When a city or region met a Victory Bonds sales target, they were awarded a Victory Bonds Flag. This was a very prestigious award and the entire community took great pride in being presented with the flag.

In 2011, after Ben (our General Manager) purchased the resort, he discovered this precious flag in a box in the basement of the Mount Julian restaurant. As it looked like a lovely antique artifact, it was hung boldly from the ceiling of the lobby. There were some rumours that it might have been a fishing trophy from years past.

Soon enough, Ben received a letter from a woman who had attended a group event at the resort and noticed the flag. As her father was a salesman for Victory Bonds during the Second World War, she was well versed on the story of the Victory Flags. She explained our flag’s prestigious history and even identified that our flag was from the 4th bonds campaign during World War Two.

The flag is still holding its grand place in the lobby at Viamede Resort, and we can now proudly tell the story! However, we still don’t know how it ended up in a box in the basement!

The Importance of Communication

This morning, I chatted with a guest. They wanted to let me know how thrilled they were with their stay – the friendly staff, the activities and Toby, the resort dog. As I gave them a tour of the new pool under construction, they told me how impressed they are with the changes since last time they were here, 4 years ago (shortly after I had taken over). They have even already rebooked for another visit in summer 2016.

These happy guests then told me that they had written a list of minor issues, and were torn about whether they should give it to me. I think my “YES PLEASE!” reaction surprised them quite a bit.

On the list were some things we know about – the cottage they stayed in was built 50 years ago, and bringing it to modern standards can be tough. A list like this helps flag things that guests are noticing. As we start to plan the complete renovation of our cottages, this information is very important.

Other things, however, we have almost no way of knowing. The microwave is apparently noisy, and since the housekeeping staff doesn’t make popcorn while they’re in the room, they have no way to know this. Now that we know, it’s an easy fix. The neighbours were apparently noisy at 3:00 am, but they didn’t think to call us.

We do our best to maintain the resort in pristine condition, but we really do need help from our guests. Comments are always welcome.



Ben Samänn

General Manager

Toaster 2000 tells all



BARK! WOOF! bouncebouncebounce WOOF!

That’s Golden for “I love Viamede!”. My name is Toby and I’m Viamede Resort’s official super-dog. I’m often referred to as Toaster, which is some silly comparison about circuits in a toaster… but since it reminds me of toast, which is delicious, I don’t mind.

I arrived at Viamede only about a year ago, last winter, but I love it here. Before that, I was at a home where I didn’t get much attention. But then Golden Rescue came in, and I’ve been catching up since!

I’m a 7 year old pup, full of beans (and whatever I can stuff into my mouth around here) and I love people. My Human, Ben, brings me to the resort most days, where I hang out at the front desk, getting into trouble. Sometimes, guests take me for a walk on the trails, where I get into trouble. Usually mud, but then, I do love mud. It’s my favourite thing! The humans don’t agree, so they take me to the lake and I get to swim – see how this works?

And I do love to swim! It’s my favourite thing! I go swimming before the ice melts off the lake, and all the way until it’s back on. I can swim for a long time, especially if I don’t see my ball anymore. I’ll swim until I find it, or until someone tricks me back to shore, but I like to make that as hard for the humans as possible.

Sometimes, I meet other dogs around the resort. They’re not my favourite thing, but I’m getting better at tolerating them. Mostly, they’re a bit scary to me and I don’t know why.

I much prefer kids, especially if they pet me. Kids are awesome, and they move in packs, like dogs. So when a pack of kids runs at me, I know it means lots of attention, and I do love attention! It’s my favourite thing!

But at the end of a long day at work, I like to go home and relax with Ben. I sleep on the couch, or pull the blankets off his bed and chew holes in them (He loves that! It’s his favourite thing!).

Life’s pretty good as a resort dog, I tell ya!

Woof Arf Bark (see you soon!)