Conferences Done Right

by Kayleigh Hindman, Operations Manager

You might be asking yourselves a very, very, important question right now. “Why would I host my corporate event at Viamede?” And its a perfectly fair question… so we’d like to tell you our top five reasons for retreating at Viamede Resort for your business that we think you’d like to know. Every conference centre you talk to is going to tell you they have meeting rooms, snack delivery, and a pool. We’ve got that too, but we decided to tell you about everything boldly different we do to make Viamede your personal corporate meeting hosts.

First, we think you’ll like our simplified billing process.

We know that you don’t know all the details; Janice from accounting will probably bail, someone has a newborn they can’t be separated from, and your CEO wants everyone to bunk up except them. Don’t worry. We have you covered. We offer seasonal rates based on single occupancy (your CEO taking up all the space they want in a king bed) and double occupancy (you and your closest work buddy in a room with two doubles). Take how many people you have coming, how many double rooms you want, and how many single rooms you want and we multiply it out. We’re not going to penalize you for Janice and we’ll let that newborn baby hang out at your conference if that’s what you’d like.

Plus that magical price includes almost everything you can think of: meeting room, protector, flip chart – yep, yep and yep. Meals – try snacks too – you work hard you could use a snack. Caffeine? We’ll have you so caffeinated, you won’t ever want to make it back to those rooms you’re sleeping in.

Second, our food is pretty great.

We’re not going to give you run of the mill triangle cut sandwiches that are unlabeled, you’re not sure if you’re eating chicken or turkey, and the bread kind of tastes like the fridge it has so clearly been stored in… no, not us, because we like food and we want you to like food. We’re going to get you fish and chips, homemade potato salad, pizzas, pastas, and we’ll work around your dietary restrictions. Your breakfast will consist of eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, toast, and it’s included in the cost of your room package.

Third, location, location, location.

Tired of people sneaking out on team building to go catch a movie? We’re conveniently located 30 minutes away from the closest theatre. Your employees will be in a remote location together. Makes it much harder to escape your team building plans. You want everyone to go kayaking? We’ll take them kayaking. If a guided nature hike is more your style, let’s show you the Viking Oak. If you think you’d enjoy learning to bar tend and enjoying an adult beverage by the fire instead, let us show you all the tricks we have up our sleeves. Think your group would benefit from spending less time together? It’s a pretty big resort and they’re welcome to wander.

We can be as involved, or uninvolved, as you’d like us to be. If you all want to play board games in 1885 and chat – that’s fine. If you want the staff to overload you with the worst jokes you’ve ever heard, let me tell you, we’ve got plenty of dad jokes to share.

Fourth, we plan like pros.

You stress about this yearly, twice yearly, quarterly, whatever shindig. We know you do. Let us take that stress off of you. We will get your rooming list and assign the rooms for you, we will work with your dietary restrictions, we will get you an appropriate sized room. You ran fifteen minutes late for team building because you we’re really enjoying your quarterly reports? We’re not worried, we can plan around that. You want lunch at 2 in the afternoon? That’s fine with us. You need an early breakfast? Alright; let us know when you are waking up so we can have the coffee brewing. Your group is really into running? We won’t go for a run with you, but we’ll happily point you in the right direction.

You’ll look like you’re a pro who’s been planning this all year, and we’ll even tell your boss it was all you.

Fifth, we have the best staff.

Whether you want us involved in your team building or not we will be around to see you through. We’re the nice folks in blue shirts sneaking into your meeting room to check on your coffee, dropping off your snack, troubleshooting the trails, letting you know about the weather patterns in the area, and where to find things you might have forgotten to pack. We have a secret hoard of markers if yours runs out, we know where the coolest parts of the property are, we know how to pour a pint and tell a joke, and we know the importance of teamwork to your business – because that’s our business.

So if you’re still wondering why you would pick Viamede for your company? We’re wondering why you wouldn’t.

For rates and more information on retreats and conferences at Viamede, click here.