Top 5 Photo Spots at Viamede

by Nicole Rogerson, Marketing Manager

Photos are one of the best souvenirs of a vacation. The memories and moments that can be captured in a single snapshot are wonderful ways to remember the trip, the people you were with, and the sights you saw. One of the fun things about Viamede is that there is such a wide variety of things to do and see, that it makes for tons of photo opportunities. It was hard to narrow it down, but I’ve picked my top five favourite spots:

Indoor/Outdoor Pool

Indoor pool at Viamede Resort; Ontario resort in the Kawarthas

The indoor pool area at Viamede has beautiful wood paneling, lots of natural light with its floor-to-ceiling windows, a fireplace, and a swim-through section to an outdoor pool area. It captures really well in a photo and you can either get some action shots of the kids cannon balling into the pool or relaxing by the side of the pool taking in the view of Stoney Lake. This lends itself to various shots as well, whether the trees are changing to autumn colours, snow flakes are falling, or boats are drifting past on the lake.

Photo Tip

For a different angle, grab your camera and walk back out the pool entrance and then take a quick trot up the stairs to the second floor. This will take you to the balcony overlooking the pool which makes for a really cool perspective. Another angle, which I took in this photo, is sitting the camera low to the floor so you get the reflection from the window in the water.

Viamede Farm

Who doesn’t love a picture with a cute little pig?! Our farm animals love visitors and they are adorably photogenic. Head down to the farm at any time to snap a pic or you can also join a farm tour to get up close and personal as well.


It’s such a quintessential Canadian summer photo: sitting by a lake in a Muskoka chair with a drink in hand, watching the sun set over the trees. You can picture it right? That’s why the docks in front of the main building area make for a great photo spot. You might even catch a loon passing through.

Photo Tip

Take advantage of golden hour! This is the period of time just after sunrise or right before sunset. The daylight is softer and warmer, which provides beautiful lighting (whereas when the sun is at its peak midday, shadows have a harsher contrast and squinting is unavoidable). For more dedicated photographers, there is even a website that calculates when golden hour will occur on a given day.

Viking Oak

Viking Oak on the Stoney Lake Trails, Kawarthas; Viamede ResortHit the Stoney Lake Trails and discover the Viking Oak. We’ve been told this tree is 450 years old, but we’ve also been told it’s rude to ask about age. This is a beautiful spot tucked away on the trail and a really neat place to snap a picture. This is also another spot which looks so different in all seasons, whether it’s bursting with green leaves, surrounded by fall foliage, or covered in snow.

Photo Tip

Get someone to pose next to the oak; on its own in a photo, it’s hard to tell just how massive it is! Having a person (or more!) in the photo helps give it perspective.

Viamede Chapel

Where else do you go on vacation to a resort and find an 1800s chapel? This is a really neat building to check out and there are a couple different perspectives to try shooting. You could get a shot sitting on the steps outside the door among the gardens or try having someone silhouetted in the open doorway with the wood paneled interior and old pews on display. It’s a unique and unexpected location which is why it makes my list.

1800s chapel at Viamede Resort; Ontario resort in the Kawarthas

Honorary Mentions: Wedding Point (hello floral-lined gazebos), The Boathouse patio (#foodie), kayaking on Stoney Lake

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