Thank you to front line workers!

Thank you to all the workers who worked much harder than we did.

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For weeks now, my favourite phrase has been “our grandfathers were sent to Juno Beach, we’re being sent to our couch.” I don’t think there’s ever been a crisis where the majority of people have to make the historic sacrifice of sleeping in, smoking legal weed, and teaching their dogs to fetch a beer while collecting an unprecedented amount of borderline unconditional government subsidies. 

But that’s not quite true for many. Countless Canadians are putting in heroic efforts and making sacrifices to stave off the apocalypse.

We owe our gratitude to these people. As a symbol of that, we’re proud to announce that we are giving away 100 free 2-night stays when this all blows over. Draws will be mostly random from all entries, with salient details being verified with HR, managers, or other authorities. 

This is open to any front-line workers who showed the true Canadian spirit – compassion, hard work, and moosehood. For example:

  • Hospital workers going to heroic lengths with limited equipment, including nurses, doctors, receptionists, volunteers, cleaning staff, and whoever else 
  • Police officers dealing with the public, not knowing who has what. 
  • Retail workers who have fantastic self restraint and manage to not slap snowbirds breaking quarantine. 
  • (I’d include retail workers with less restraint, but that would be inciting violence. So, for clarity, slapping quarantine breakers won’t get you into the contest, but it also won’t disqualify you)
  • Paramedics, firefighters, and bylaw officers
  • Vets, flight attendants, plumbers and anyone else who has saved your bacon
  • Specific exemptions apply to Canada geese and actual moose, no matter how compassionate. Sorry, meese.

If you know someone who has gone beyond what can be expected, even in this time, please tell us the story. Email us at with their name, contact details, and the story. Self entries are perfectly fine as well. 

Contest details:

  • We’re doing this because we want to. There are no legal entitlements anyone has out of this, and if we decide to suspend the program for any reason at any point, we can do so. 
  • 100 winners will each get a 2-night stay with their families in a hotel room. Generally, this is in a hotel room for up to 4 people and includes breakfast and a meal credit, but we reserve the right to offer whatever we want in a discussion with the winner. Transport to and from the resort, alcohol, snacks, and anything else is on you. 
  • Entries should be submitted by email to There’s no real deadline because we don’t know when this all will end. 
  • Winners will be selected by a mix of random drawing, individual selection based on the story, and which entries in the pile aren’t eaten by Toby2000. 
  • Once a winner has been generally selected, we will reach out to them to get employer details to verify claims and discuss options. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone at any point for any reason.

Effective December 4, 2015

We at Viamede Resort value the privacy of all our guests and friends. That’s why in addition to a lock on the door of each guestroom, we have detailed how we use any information we receive.

Oh—and before we go any further—we’ll just let everyone know right off the bat that we comply with current Canadian privacy legislation.

1) What kind of information do we collect?

There are two different types of information that we collect: personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) and non-personally identifiable information (“Non-Personal Information”).

This might sounds complicated but it’s fairly straightforward.

Personal Information

We are a resort and people come visit, book rooms, and enjoy gourmet local food all of the time. As a result of these exchanges, we end up collecting some personal information—which is usually voluntarily given—that includes things like:

We take this information very seriously and only use it to facilitate your stay with us and to keep you in the loop should you wish.

Non-Personal Information

Through your interactions with us, our website and analytics platforms, and through our advertising partners, we may collect information that cannot be used to identify who you are. This type of information that may be collected are things like:

2) How do we collect information?

We collect this information in a few different ways.

When you provide us with information in making a purchase.
Fairly straightforward. You book a room, we receive personal information.

When you sign up to our e-mail list.
If you sign up to receive updates, we end up with a bit of your personal information. With your permission, we send you special information and you can decide to opt out at any point.

When you communicate with us.
When you reach out by e-mail, social media or by hand delivered letter, we may keep those for our records.

Information we automatically collect.
Like most websites, our services may incorporate fancy things like “pixel tags” and “cookies” which allow us to track actions and serve you information about our products and services. All of these collect Non-Personal Information.

3) How is the information used?

Personal Information could be used to:

4) What about Non-Personal Information?

From time to time, we use third-party advertising companies to serve you ads when you visit our website. They may use Non-Personal Information about your visits to this and other websites to provide ads about goods and services that are of interest to you. If you would like more information about this wizardry or to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies you can look here.

5) What else?

We want to make sure you enjoy your time with us and that your information is protected. Personal Information will only be used or shared when necessary and we would never sell you out by giving your information to third parties without good reason.

Unsurprisingly, we reserve the right to update our privacy policy at any time. When that happens, we will update the effective date at the top of this page so that you know.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We hope to see you around soon.