Boating & Fishing

Welcome to Stoney Lake. There’s a good reason it’s called Stoney, and not, say, Your Boat And Motor Are Safe Lake. There are a lot of rocks, many just below the surface, and most aren’t marked. Boating on Stoney can be rocky, but we’re here to help you get out there anyway.

Boat Rentals

We are pleased to offer a variety of options for boat rentals close to the resort. For fishing boats, Sea-Doos, and Pontoon boats please contact Kawartha Adventure Rentals, located on Stoney (10 minutes by car, 20 by boat). Carveth’s Marina is your one stop shop to keep your vessel in ship shape, and Harbour Town also boasts high-quality and reliable rentals for fishing and fun, all while slinging the 2nd best pies on the lake! If you’re driving up HWY 28 from the South of Viamede, we recommend using Peel Marine for all your boat rental needs.


Stoney Lake is well known as one of the best lakes in Ontario for fishing. Fishing off our docks, the pier by the beach, or almost anywhere along our 2000′ of shoreline will have great results. Throw bread off the docks to the resident sunfish, or spend a week on the water chasing 50″ muskie, paddle to the rocks, and count the bass or cast the shore at night for walleye – it’s all easy and fun. Sunfish and rock bass abound, and almost no tackle is needed for a fun afternoon. Casting among the rocks, into weed beds, or under docks will bring countless bass, and every year, at least one 5 lb bass (every year it’s the same guest who catches it, too. You know who you are, John.) In the evening, cast silver/blue lures along the weed beds for great walleye!

In a Kayak

Kayak fishing is fun, easy, and makes life interesting. If you’ve never tried, be ready for an adventure. There are countless great spots to get to within a few minutes’ paddle. Bass, sunfish, perch, and even walleye can be had. Ben goes fishing for muskie in a kayak, but it’s not something we advise.

By Boat

The big advantage of fishing from a boat is flexibility. Many locals stay in Viamede Bay for almost all their fishing, but there are many other great spots. Just be careful – there are hundreds of unmarked shoals around the lake. If you have a GPS, watch it closely.

Guided Fishing, Advice, and Equipment

Resident fisherman Ben often heads out fishing at 6-7 am and will bring guests along. We go after bass, but sunfish, perch, and the occasional small muskie come in as well. Ben’s always happy to talk about fishing too – he can point you to the best spots, the best baits, or get you the little bits you forgot to bring – leaders, hooks, even lures and line might by lying around for you to get the most out of your experience.


New to fishing? Check out our beginner’s shopping list to get the most out of your experience. 


Stoney Lake has many popular game fish, including:

  • Small and largemouth bass – fish weed beds, rocky shores, and on hot afternoons, deep pockets of water. The best baits are wacky rigs, surface poppers, and artificial frogs.
  • Sunfish – a great fish for kids, and can be had by the hundreds right off our docks. Worms work best, but hooks baited with a bit of bread (or even nothing at all) will still catch enough.
  • Walleye/Pickerel – a nighttime hunter, these monsters come into the shallows near sunset, hunting minnows. Blue/silver lures work best.
  • Perch – a small but common fish that spends its time all over. Small white jigs will catch them.
  • Rock Bass – red eyes and a big mouth. Usually within spitting distance of shore. It a fun fight on a small rod.
  • Muskellunge – the fish of 10 000 casts. Up to 50′ in Stoney Lake, and people come from across the continent to spend a week fishing to catch one. Incredible fighter, gorgeous fish, and all ’round miracle.
  • Carp – this invasive monster takes skill, patience, and some heavy-duty tackle to catch. We bait them to shore, and with the right setup, you can catch one in the morning off the docks. Special care is needed – their delicate mouths can’t handle a hard fight like you’d give a bass.

Responsible Fishing

Here are some tips to make sure you have fun, and that fishing on Stoney Lake will be as good next year as last:

  • Fewer hooks, and remove your barbs – many fish caught on lures with treble hooks will die from the stress, but these can be easily replaced with single hooks. Barbs can be pinched down, making fish easy to remove without really affecting your odds of landing your trophy.
  • Catch and release – many fish are caught several times per season, so any fish you catch maybe because someone else threw it back. Keep a nice one here and there, but err on the side of generosity and quickly release any fish you don’t plan to keep.
  • Keep the photos quick – any fish you catch will be stressed and won’t be able to breathe once out of the water. Before handling a fish, wet your hands to protect their slime coat, hold them gently, and release them quickly.