Pets Welcome

We couldn’t imagine getting away without our four-legged friends, and you shouldn’t have to either.

Pets Stay Free at Viamede Resort

Viamede’s cottages and hilltop hotel rooms are completely pet-friendly. There are no extra fees for bringing your fur-baby along for the ride, AND we have a beautiful, shaded, off-leash dog park on-site!

(Please note: the hotel rooms in the main building are not pet friendly except for service dogs)

We’re so keen to pamper your pooch that we’ll provide you with treats, doggy bags, leashes, and food dishes if you forget something.

Our Pet-Friendly Guarantee
  • We LOVE dogs, but we are okay with any pets (within reason; ask us about that story). Cats, budgies, bunnies, and iguanas have all been welcome guests.
  • Feel free to roam our grounds and 9 km of gorgeous walking trails.
  • Enjoy access to our natural, shady, and fully-enclosed off-leash dog park.
  • If you forget your treats, doggy bags, leash, or food dish, give us a bit of notice and we’ll provide you with items from our secret stash.

The rules

  • You’re responsible for your pet – if they eat a couch or steal our hearts, we’ll hold you responsible
  • Please keep all pets appropriately leashed around other guests.
  • Pets are not allowed into restaurants. That’s the law. No, not even for cute pictures wearing a chef hat. Sorry.

Introducing Cobalt

Cobalt is Viamede’s official greeter. He loves kids, cuddles, hikes, swimming, treats, swimming, cuddles, hikes, treats, and cuddles. Usually in that order.

He’s available for guests to take on walks, or just to hang out. Ask the front desk if you’re interested in the dog-guided tour.

The Maggy Fund: Supporting Golden Rescue

Maggy, our late Director of Ruffreation, is the inspiration behind our pet-friendly mandate. Adopted from Golden Rescue in 2013, she will always be remembered as our sweet, loving, somewhat lazy, attention-seeking, guest-approved Golden Retriever. In early 2014, Maggy’s medical conditions worsened, and we had to say goodbye to our beautiful and beloved resort dog.

The cost to foster and provide vet care for dogs like Maggy is very high, and Golden Rescue needs the support of dedicated donors to continue their incredible work. We wanted a special way to support Golden Rescue and remember Maggy, and so the Maggy Fund was born. Supporting this rescue group is very near and dear to our hearts.

Rescue Mission of Love
Viamede works closely with Golden Rescue, a non-profit single-breed dog rescue group in Canada. While Golden Rescue’s first priority is on Canadian dogs, thanks to an amazing team of volunteers, they are running a program called ‘Rescue Mission of Love’.  This program is focused on bringing abandoned street Goldens from Istanbul, Cairo, and Mexico back to Canada to be adopted by forever families.

Our GM Ben Samann, who has adopted 3 Goldens from the organization and sits on the board, went over to Turkey back in November 2015 on a personally funded trip with other Golden Rescue board members to assess the situation and deal with the logistics of bringing these dogs back to Canada.  They returned back with Rosie, Limon, Tokyo, and Adelle in tow. Then on January, 18 more goldens arrived safely. They have now rescued over 500 international Goldens (and over 3000 in total!). Rescue Mission of Love has been hugely successful and is just getting started.

All the dogs are provided with complete medical examinations and behavior assessments and in accordance with Golden Rescue’s practices, Goldens are placed with their forever families through a rigorous matching process.

For more information on Golden Rescue and to see updates on Rescue Mission of Love visit:  http://www.goldenrescue.ca  or follow the discussion on Twitter with #RescueMissionofLove

Click here to watch a video of Merlin  – one of Rescue Mission of Love’s latest Goldens to come to Canada.