Plan your work retreat, meeting, or conference with an offering of activities, amenities, and food that’ll keep everyone fuelled and happy. Contact events@viamede.com for availability and information.

Experience the best of Ontario’s conference resorts. For us, meetings are all about you – how can we make the process simple and painless? And, once you’re here, of course you’ll enjoy naturally-lit meeting rooms, delicious food, great activities, and incredibly friendly staff, all less than 2 hours from Toronto on easy-driving roads.

We have 28 rooms and 18 cottages, with a total capacity of between 60 and 160 (depending on who’s sharing a bed with whom). Meeting rooms range from seating 10 to 100.

We can help you get nothing done: our team will take you foraging, show you how to use a compass (then tell you to get lost), take you kayaking, or teach you how to play disc golf. We’ll even lend you an assortment of dogs to take on your hikes.

We love food. Really. We really really do. We have a small on-site farm, grow our own herbs and some veggies year-round, and know most of our local farmers. Our meals are always fresh, local, and fun. And we’re not just saying that.

Pricing Chart

We like to make things straightforward and transparent. We’d love to send you a quote, but honestly, you can probably do the math yourself.


Single Occupancy Package

Double Occupancy (Per Person) Package

Guest Room






1 Bedroom Cottage



2 Bedroom Cottage



What’s Included
  • Overnight accommodations
  • Fantastic food, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks (dietary needs can be accommodated)
  • All-day coffee & tea station
  • Meeting room, including breakout rooms as needed
  • Basic audiovisual, like a projector, and screen
  • All the activities, including things like team-building and guided hikes
  • All the service fees, resort fees, marketing fees, tips, tricks, and donations you can imagine
  • Just add alcohol and the tax
Food & Drink

As you’ve noticed, we like to make things easy on you, and so we encourage you to go with “Chef’s Choice” meals. This means that we look at your agenda, dietary restrictions, and the weather, and make a seasonal meal based on the ingredients available at the time. This cuts down on your time spent managing dietary restrictions and poring over menus, and lets you focus on planning the rest of the meeting.

Here are some examples of menus we routinely serve:

Breakfast is served buffet-style, with a full selection of bacon, sausage, waffles/pancakes, toast and cereal, fresh sliced fruit, and more.

Lunch ideas:
  • BBQ served on our lakeside patio, including Viamede-raised pork sausages, hamburgers, pasta salad, and apple pie with ice cream for dessert
  • Working lunch with premium sandwiches, selection of salads, homemade chip selection, and cheesecake for dessert
  • Hot buffet served in 1885 with garden salad, fresh-baked rolls, butter chicken and rice, and fresh cookies (you can take these back to the meeting room to snack on)
  • Pack your own picnic lunch to add flexibility for afternoon activities

Dinner ideas:

  • Tex Mex night! Tequila sunrises and nachos to start, tacos and fajitas, and fresh churros with vanilla ice cream for dessert. We can even get you a piñata.
  • Cocktail-style dinner with food stations open all night – great for a casual evening when people are arriving
  • Hot buffet with Caesar salad, homemade bread loaves, Viamede-raised pork roast, mashed potatoes, and grilled veggies, and a selection of cakes for dessert
  • Pub night – family-style platters of deep-fried goodies, nachos, Caesar salad, and bread pudding for dessert
  • Mount Julian tasting menu – for groups of up to 12 people plan a 5-course dinner at our tasting menu-only restaurant, featuring foraged and farmed ingredients and fantastic wine pairings. Extra charges apply

Snack breaks are designed for that perfect boost in the morning or afternoon and are meant to stay fresh in the meeting room for a few hours.

  • Muffins and fresh fruit
  • Yogurt parfait
  • Fresh baked cookies and whole fruit
  • Selection of homemade chips and dip

We’re always happy to work with you on special requests, like making the CEO’s grandmother’s gnocchi recipe, or if you’d like to have specific themes.

Why We’re Different
  • We’re small. Big enough to have everything you need, but small enough that you’re our main focus.
  • One simple price, perfectly transparent. There are no hidden fees.
  • Simplicity simplified. We plan meetings all day every day and can help you get all the details done in about 20 minutes, letting you focus on herding your (cats) guests.
  • Attrition policies. We don’t worry too much about narrowing down your numbers months in advance.
  • It’s all fun and games. All our activities are available to your guests, and we’re happy to work with you on team-building and organized fun.
  • Simple meals. You don’t need to pore over menus in advance – our chefs can put together menus for you based on the freshest ingredients in the days leading up to your meeting. We’ll take into account the meal style you’d like, allergies, and the weather to make sure your guests make it back to the meeting full and happy.
Other fun ideas:
  • Give your team an afternoon off to breathe – they’ll go kayaking, hike, or just relax by the lake while you plan the next session.
  • We can host a wine tasting featuring the wines of Ontario or a bread-making class.
  • Run a photo contest or other competition and we’ll chip in some prizes.
  • We can bring in a naturalist to host an in-depth nature hike.
  • We’ll host pub trivia, and yes, we take bribes.
Useful stuff to help convince your boss
  • A PowerPoint showing how we’re the best retreat location ever!
  • A sample contract (in plain English, without tiny text).
  • A sample event sheet, which keeps you and our team in the loop on how the day is going to play out.
  • A sample invoice – yep, again it’s really simple. And clear. And without surprises.

Please email events@viamede.com or call us at 1-800-461-1946 for more information, dates & availability, or to arrange a site tour.