Naturalists & Recreation Programs

Meet our Naturalists!

There’s so much nature around us, and so many things to learn. Throughout the summer, we have dedicated naturalists on-site to keep you (or your kids), entertained with spontaneous salamander searches, advice on where to find the best kayaking, guided hikes, and foraging.

Over the years, we’ve learned – you don’t follow our recreation schedule. You don’t want to hike at 10 am when we say you should. So, any time you’re ready, track down our naturalists in the green shirts and ask the questions you want.


Here are some ways you can take advantage of our Naturalist program:

  • Send your kids off on a turtle hunt (no turtles will be harmed!)
  • Ask for the best fishing spots
  • Get a personal, guided paddle into prime wildlife spotting territory
  • Learn about the native trees and shrubs we plant in our gardens and on the grounds
  • Bring us your bugs! They’ll tell you all about them!
  • Talk about wildlife safety and learn about ATWEY – Animals That Will Eat You – to find out how to protect yourself. Hint: make yourself big and make noise and make sure your friends eat lots of garlic so they’re tastier than you are.
  • Learn about foraging – what you can eat and what you really shouldn’t!

Recreation Programs

We are always changing and improving our recreation programs! Check out the 2024 Summer Recreation Schedule below: